Friday, April 29, 2011

International Freethought Film Festival in Florida USA

Location: Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St, Tampa, FL, United States

From: 13 May 2011 To: 15 May 2011

The program of the International Freethought Film Festival will include 10 different film screenings of independent feature and short films, selected from film submissions that best reflect the mission statement of promoting reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry. Narratives, documentaries, experimental and animated films will be screened to produce a spectrum of artistic interpretations of freethought concepts through film.
Program line-up

Features: "The Nature of Existence" directed by Roger Nygard "The God Complex" directed by Mark Pirro "(R)evolution" directed by Mustafa Zaveri "Creator of God: A Brain Surgeon’s Story" directed by Vivekanand Palavali "The Evangelist" directed by Nate Chapman "The Third Testament" directed by Matt Dallmann "Godless" directed by Kelli Cooke Click here to view trailers
Shorts Screenings: "Dark Matter" short films reflecting the darker side of inquiry "The Brighter Side" shorts program "Peace it Together" shorts program

Don't forget that opening night is Friday the 13th!

After our opening night feature film, our "Superstitions Unplugged" fundraiser will carry the festivities into the witching hours.

Guests can "unplug" superstitions throughout the night at our interactive booths by breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, creating and piercing custom voo-doos dolls that look like their best friends, spilling salt, etc; or just hang out with a Bloody Mary in hand.

*The Bricks will not close to the public during the event. Superstitions Unplugged guests will require wristbands for food and beer.
This is a limited engagement, and wristbands can only be purchased in advance through our Website starting in February.

The Bricks of Ybor City/Skatepark of Tampa in historic Ybor City is a mere 1.5 miles from the Tampa Theatre. They will be our host; providing munchies, dance music and a place to party. Cigar City Brewing will provide hand-crafted, award-winning ale!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I live in Tampa and am very familiar with the Tampa Theatre, but had no idea this was going on in my own back yard. Looking forward to it!