Saturday, April 30, 2011

World Atheist Convention in Ireland

From: 03 June 2011 To: 05 June 2011

You can now buy discounted early-bird tickets for the World Atheist Convention in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, from 3-5 June 2011.
The Convention, co-hosted by Atheist Ireland, will see the launch of the new Atheist Alliance International, the world umbrella group for atheist advocacy groups.
If you buy an early-bird ticket now, you can attend all sessions of this important Convention for just €100, a discount of €40 on the full ticket price of €140.
We will soon publish options and recommendations for purchasing travel, accommodation, food and entertainment during the weekend

Richard Dawkins UK (evolutionary biologist)
Lone Frank DK (neurobiologist, science writer)
Michael Nugent IRL (chairperson Atheist Ireland)
Paula Kirby UK (secular consultant, activist)
PZ Myers USA (author science blog Pharyngula)
Jane Donnelly IRL (education officer Atheist Ireland)
Dan Barker USA (Freedom from Religion Foundation)
Rebecca Watson USA (Skepchick blogger, podcaster)
David Nash UK (professor, expert on blasphemy)
Ivana Bacik IRL (Irish Senator in 30th Oireachtas)
Aroup Chaterjee UK (physician, activist, author)
Annie Laurie Gaylor USA (Freedom from Religion Foundation)
Mark Embleton UK (president Atheism UK)
More speakers to be announced

Our census campaign regarding the religion question?

Location: O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel Dublin , Dublin, Ireland

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